Vocabulary Busting Mind Puzzles

Vocabulary Busting Mind Puzzles

Mind puzzles enforce people to explore their mind and to search the mind while thinking think of the best answers to solve the problem(s). Mind puzzles include several types, which each has new patterns it uses to make a point. While we have many new puzzles on the market, nearly every puzzle you run into will have a traditionally pattern. Few are unique and original.

Some puzzles provide you with clues or hints while others will not. When you are figuring out puzzles always, look for the clues to help you solve the problem. The puzzles include various types of lateral, number puzzles, cryptograms and so on. Most mind puzzles are designed to put your vocabulary to the test.

Mind puzzles are pieced together to assist people by helping them develop skills. If you do enough puzzles each day, in time you will solve problems successfully. Some of the puzzles while they may seem complex are simple if you use common sense and logic.

How some puzzles work: Blue – Gray
Take the words gray and blue and create as many words as you can from each word. You can scramble the words any way you choose to create new words and you can pull the words together to create new words. Don’t look at the list below; rather create your own list.


As you can see, this type of puzzle is designed to build your vocabulary. You can expend your mind by thinking about words and trying to add to the words. Let’s try some more.

Words: don’t – follow – me
If you think of these words, you can start building a new vocabulary. Think carefully, using your foresight to consider each letter in the words and then start to build your vocabulary. Again, you can combine the words to create new words.


You can probably continue building your vocabulary if you continued to move ahead. For now, we will consider these words as the closing point and see one puzzle solved. Let’s try some more. Puzzles are fun. Once you get into them you will find yourself wanting to do some more.

Word: horse – rat –
Or -Hat -Tar -Set -She -Shah

Continue to see if you can make some more words from the two words by combing them. In some instances, you do not get two words. Rather you get a single word. You are asked to find ways to spell the word, or else to create new words from the single word.

Word: shingle
How many words can you get from shingle?
In – Gin – Leg – She – Shin- Sling -Hinge -Single

Again, you can build your vocabulary by using words to create a new list of words. This is often fun, since you learn something new, or you see something you have forgotten. Let’s try a longer word.

Word: Champaign
Am – champ – man – chin –ham – Pam- pan – chin – min – amp –

Keep building until you cannot continue. You can do these types of mind puzzles each day and have a thorough vocabulary built up by the end of the month. In time, you will be sufficient at this type of puzzle that you’d want to move ahead to puzzles that are more complex. Let’s finish with a blast!

Word: Mathematical – since puzzles use mathematic strategies in many ways, let’s create a new list of words with this word.
Math – at – metical – hem – lath – mat – tit – ethical – ham – tat – mama –

Keep going, since you can get a few more words from the puzzle. Look at the words at all angles, across, backwards, forward, etc when trying to add new words to your vocabulary.