Ireland is a part of the continent known as Europe. There are many providences found throughout Ireland. There are many bodies of water too with little islands out there among them. If you don’t know the layout of the land very well it can easily become confusing for you. The land around Ireland is very pretty with lots of wide open spaces for people to explore. There is also plenty of green grass and various types of plants and flowers that grow that enhance the beauty of the natural landscaping.

Many top universities are found in Ireland. People attend them to pursue many areas but mainly science and medicine. The study of literature and the arts is also something that many people take part in. Many individuals enjoy traveling to Ireland due to the history of the area. There are many museums and places of interests out there to explore. Many castles from medieval times are also still standing in parts of Ireland.

Ireland is also a common place to go for various outdoor activities. There is plenty of rich open land to go exploring. There are sporting events that you can watch on a regular basis. Many people love to play on the golf courses in Ireland too as they are said to be some of the most beautiful ones in the world.

Tourism is very popular throughout areas of Ireland. In most places people do speak English so that is another reason why people like to travel there. It can be very hard to go to another country where you can’t speak the language. The primary language of Ireland though is Irish.

Many individuals find it interesting that the current President of Ireland is a woman. Her name is Mary McAleese. She took over as President in 1997 from the first female President here. Each person elected can serve a total of two terms, each seven years in length. McAleese was re-elected in 2004 and is currently serving her second term through 2011.

The continued economic development of Ireland means the people are able to live a fairly decent lifestyle. There has been the introduction of more industry in the past decade and as a result there are many more jobs for people to take advantage of.